Triple Rewards Protocol


About Us

TetherMint Finance is the first and only sustainable DeFi 3.0 protocol that has a Triple Rewards Ecosystem for you. $TMF actually yields you a 1000% APY, gives you 7% USDT reflection rewards on your holdings and gives you free NFT mints for the Billionaire NFTs collection with floor price of 1 BNB.

Missed the heavy earning opportunities within DeFi 1.0 & 2.0? Well, here's the biggest DeFi 3.0 project on a silver platter for you. Find Out How Much Your Investment Would Be Worth in a Year.

7 High Passive Income Streams

$TMF revolutionizes the multi-chain yield farming space by being the first token ever to offer its holders Seven Profitable Reward Streams. Yep, you read it right. Along with the 1000% APY, 7% USDT Reflections, and NFT Royalties, there are 7 Different Passive High Income streams within the ecosystem.

The plan is to make TMF the first and only true high passive income yielding ecosystem. The result of this expansion will give the users and investors upwards of 5000% APY. Yes, truly sustainable and backed 5000% APY on their investments.

How much will you earn?

TetherMint Finance protocol is powered by DeFi 3.0 and is designed to make you a crypto millionaire. Just buy. hold, and watch your portfolio go 10x in a year with extra passive USDT & NFT Rewards.
At the end of the year, with $1000 of $TMF invested.

You can earn upto

TMF Auto Staking Protocol

The Protocol is a simple yet cutting-edge feature that provides the ultimate ease of use for $TMF holders. We are crypto's Only Sustainable Auto Staking and Compounding Protocol with an actual APY of 1000% on your holdings. Our DeFi 3.0 Protocol makes sure your rewards are automatically staked and compounded every 15 minutes in your BSC wallet holding any amount of $TMF tokens.

TMF Sustainability Protocol

The Sustainability Protocol automatically buys back, burns tokens and serves as an insurance fund to achieve price stability and long term sustainability of the TetherMint Finance Protocol. It maintains a consistent 0.02355% rebase rate paid to all $TMF token holders every 15 Minutes.

TMF Liquidity Protocol

The Liquidity Protocol will inject automated liquidity into the market every 24 Hours. On each transaction there is a tax fee that automatically gets stored into an Auto-LP wallet. The wallet then adds and locks the liquidity for ease of exchange transactions and price sustainability.

TMF Treasury Vault

The $TMF Treasury Vault provides support to the Sustainability Protocol in the event of extreme price drops in the $TMF token. The Treasury also funds new marketing campaigns, our Billionaires NFT Collection, and other upcoming TMF projects which include a P2E Game.

TMF Incinerator Pit

The incinerator Pit is responsible for burning excess tokens and making the TMF protocol truly sustainable and deflationary. A portion of all $TMF traded are burnt in the Incinerator. As the trading volume grows, so does the size of the Incinerator resulting in reduced circulating supply.

USDT Reflection Rewards

What’s better than 1 Reward? 2 Rewards! Here’s the second reward for $TMF Holders. Alongwith the 1000% APY you will also get 7% USDT Rewards. 7% from the transaction volume goes straight to $TMF USDT Reflector and is distributed to $TMF holders. You know what that means, right? You will get 7x on your ROI in a year as USDT rewards - Just to hold the token. And the cherry on top, Your initial $TMF tokens give you almost a 10x return.*

Earnings are calculated on the basis that the Daily Exchange Volume and TMF Sustainability Protocol sustains the Rebase Algorithm for 365 Days.

The Billionaires NFTs Collection

What’s better than 2 Rewards? 3 Rewards! We are taking things to the next level now. The $TMF Billionaires NFTs is a collection of 10,000 NFT avatars of the top 10 Richest People in the world. Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet and Co, all are included. Each NFT has its own traits and rarities. These rarities are determined by the individual characteristic traits of every NFT such as Backgrounds, Glasses, Suits, and more.

Huge Investor Rewards

To show our gratitude to our early investors, The first 500 investors of the Pinksale Fair Launch will get 1 FREE MINT each. Furthermore, The 100 Highest Investors & Holders will get 5 FREE MINTS each. That's potentially 1 and 5 BNB worth of NFTs respectively in a strong project for you.

Marketplace Ecosystem

The collection uniquely interacts with the $TMF Ecosystem, further helping in the sustainability of the token. The launch of the Billionaire NFTs is accompanied by a marketplace for you to trade them. You can also use $TMF to buy/sell the NFTs and earn royalty rewards on every sale.

Mint & Floor Price

Presale Mint price for the Billionaires NFTs is 0.5 BNB. There are only 2000 Mints available for presale. The floor price for the Billionaires NFTs is 1 BNB. That’s the price for common NFTs of the collection, the rarer Epic and Legendary NFTs cross the 3 BNB mark.

NFT Royalty Rewards

We will hard code the wallets of The Top 100 & The First 500 Investors of fair launch into the NFT smart contract as Royalty Receivers. Consequently, All the Billionaires NFT fair launch holders will get 10% royalties from the trading volume on all markets.

Tokenomics Turned Rewards

$TMF Tokenomics & Fees are set only to benefit the holders. There’s a 16% Fees on all transactions, Buy or Sell, which are then distributed among the holders through our Triple Rewards System. Every minor fee charged comes back and is distributed to our holders in the form of rewards.

Liquidity Protocol

2% of the trading fees return to the Liquidity Protocol ensuring $TMF increased & sustained collateral value.

Sustainability Protocol

4% of the trading fees are redirected to the Sustainability Protocol which helps sustain and back the staking rewards.

Incinerator Pit

1% from the fees goes to the Incinerator Pit to be burned. Essentially decreasing the supply and sustaining the price.

Treasury Vault

2% goes directly to the Treasury Vault which supports the Liquidity Protocol and Marketing Campaigns carried out.

USDT Reflector

7% of the fees are diverted to the USDT Reflector which is responsible for paying out USDT rewards every 1 hour.

NFT Royalty Rewards

10% of all Billionaire NFT Collections sales are converted to BNB and distributed to the 600 royalty wallets.

There is no competition !

Apy1000.0% 383025.8% 158893.59% 102483.58%
Fees16%14% / 16% 15% / 25% 13% / 18%
Rebase Time15 minutes15 minutes 30 minutes 30 minutes
Triple Rewards Yes X NO X NO X NO
Sustainability Yes X NO X NO X NO